August Blog

August has finally come once again, I can’t believe how quickly this year is going I know I pretty much say that every year but it’s true it doesn’t seem that long ago I was celebrating my 20th anniversary back in February. July was such a good month for me so here’s what I got up to.

I started the month by visiting Cammo Estate Nature Reserve my local patch. I hadn’t visited for awhile so it was nice to come back. Unfortunately there wasn’t many birds around it was pretty quiet but there were a lot of other stuff to look at including a Ladybird, Wasp, Fungi and a Spittlebug spittle which was my first time ever seeing one as I remember just seeing them recently featured on Springwatch.

A few days later I was sitting out in the garden. I noticed there were lots of activity at the feeders & fat balls so I thought I’d take out my binoculars and have a Garden Birdwatch. There were House Sparrows enjoying the fatballs, Greenfinch & Goldfinch at the other feeders but the highlight was a couple of House Martins were flying all over the place and seemed interested clinging on the wall on my house which they did back in June 2020. Unfortunately they weren’t bringing nesting material it would have been great if they had but seeing them was good enough for me.

July saw us in a massive heatwave throughout the UK it was way too hot to go out Birding so I spent most of that time filling up the bird baths everyday which the birds enjoyed because I saw them enjoying and splashing and filling up the feeders because the birds have been so hungry that the feeders were emptied within days here are a few pictures I took from that period.

After the heatwave ended it was safe to go out walking again so I returned to my local patch Cammo Estate. It was a lovely day it started out quiet but the birds soon appeared the bird I was excited to see was a Yellowhammer, I heard it’s familiar call and eventually I did see it which was exciting it has been my first sighting of one this year so that really made my day.

The next day I walked along The River Almond and watched a Heron at the waterfall, fanning its feathers out which I’ve never seen one do before. Also saw Mallards and a Grey Wagtail.

The next day I decided to walk the other side of The River Almond under the bridge. I mainly saw Mallards but I did see Great Tits, Woodpigeon and a Yellowhammer calling in the distance. Although I didn’t see much it was nice walking through paths I haven’t been on for a while.

That evening I even saw a Fox in the garden!!

July was such a good month and as it’s August it’s time to enjoy The Edinburgh Festival but I’ll be back Birding at the end of the month as I’ll be heading off to Norway which I’am really looking forward to. My next blog will be out as soon as I come back until then have a great month.

1 thought on “August Blog

  1. Your photos are lovely – the countryside there is beautiful, as well as the birds


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