July Blog

We are now officially in Summer 2022. The Swifts & Swallows are flying around, the weathers nice and warm and more importantly a lot of the summer visitors are here.

I started the month of June Birding at my local patch Cammo Nature Reserve. It was a beautiful sunny day and even though now birds are busy laying on eggs in nests there was a lot about. There were a few Great Tits,Woodpigeons,Blackbirds & Crows but the highlight of the day was watching a male Blackcap singing away in the Walled Garden,

Later that evening I heard a swarm of Wasps were seen dangling on a tree on the road across the road. While I was watching Springwatch I decided to have a look. It was massive and impressive to see so I took a photo and quickly left. It was later moved in the evening. The next day I was sitting out in the garden and saw a Stock Dove under the feeders. I’ve not seen one for awhile since last year so it was nice to see one.

During the month I noticed there was a lot of Bumblebee’s not looking so good, so many were just laying on the pavement and thanks to social media I read if you add sugar and water on a spoon or dish it should help perk up the bees and sure enough it did not sure how many I helped in June. Next day whilst on a walk I managed to get a photo of Swifts down at Cramond I heard them before I saw them and it was great to watch.

We had a few days with a lot of rain which we needed but once it stopped I managed to go out again. One day during my walk I watched a Buzzard calling in the sky and when I was down at Cramond I saw a Cormorant, that was the first time I ever saw one in Cramond. I have a lot of plans for July and they will be published in my next blog until next time Happy Summer.

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