June Blog

At the beginning of May I was back up in Benbecula in The Outer Hebrides it was great to be back and the weather was nice and the wildlife was incredible.

On Dawn Chorus Day I woke up early to experience on what birds I’ll hear in The Outer Hebrides. Birds I did hear was mainly was a Cockerill and Blackbirds but the bird I was very excited to hear was a Cuckoo. I did hear it a lot on my holiday and spotted it fly over once so that was exciting. It was a lovely morning and I was sitting outside having a cup of tea, admiring the views and listening to bird songs when a Buzzard appeared calling and soaring above me to I managed to get a photo before it flew away.

During my time in The Hebrides as well as watching birds including Golden Eagles, Snow Bunting, Eider Ducks,Oystercatchers & Lapwings I enjoyed watching other wildlife including the famous Seals in Bernaray & Loch Eynort in South Uist there were also wild Ponies and to look at in Loch Druidibeg South Uist after watching a Gilden Eagle in the distance. The biggest surprise was on the way back to the ferry back home spotted a Deer casually walking on the pavement just wished I had a photo. Sadly this time did not see The Corncrake at Balranald but maybe next year. I did see a lot of Short Eared Owls a lot, one was flying around near the house a few times and I did manage to get a close up of one whilst driving about after being out for the day I’m hoping to return to The Hebrides next year.

There has been a lot of activity since I came back from holiday mist notably are the Swallows who I see on a regular basis in fact mostly every day I see them and chattering about in the sky and I have also seen screaming Swifts too who every time I see one I post my sightings on Swift Mapper which you can download to your phone. I had a good Birding at St Margaret’s Loch down at Holyrood Park. it was quiet but there were plenty of birds about including Mute Swans, Canada Geese, Herring & Black Backed Gulls.

I have been down at The River Almond Walkway a lot recently because on a walk one day I spotted a female Mallard with 11 ducklings, it was quite amazing to see she had that many so I was curious to keep returning a few times and see if they are alright which they seem to be because I see them still all 11 of them so I’m glad nothing has happened to the ducklings but I’ll continue to keep a aye out on them and keep you posted.

I can’t believe we are in June now the days are getting warmer so it’s the perfect time to get out there and enjoy the warm Spring & Summer days while they last.

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