May Blog

Here we are in the middle of 2022, bang slap in the middle of Spring. A lot of the Spring Migrants have arrived and the trees are looking lovely in their blossom flowers.

This is going to be quite a short blog but a lot did happen for me. After catching Covid in March I obviously couldn’t go out but on the 1st April after 3 days of negative tests I was able to go outside again. The birds I saw from my garden was a Woodpigeon and Great Tit. I went on a walk around the block listening to the calls of Robin and admiring the blossoms on the trees.

I was told I will feel very tired after Covid and it will last for a week or so and it did so I didn’t have much energy but I did manage morning walks. When I was walking down The River Almond I watched Mallards and Chaffinch.

I got a lovely email from a lady named Alice from the bird food company ‘Happy Beaks’ asking if they could add my blog to their next blog I said that would be fine and their next blog it did appear along with other blogs but I was happy to read they listed my blog at No 1. You can read the blog here

On a walk one day I heard the call of a Buzzard and looked behind me and watched a Buzzard soar in the sky calling then it disappeared behind the trees. A few days later I was back at The Botanic Gardens and watched a Robin sing in the trees. I also saw my first Swallow that week too.

I got a very exciting visitor to my garden a male Sparrowhawk was seen sitting on the hedge next to the shed, it didn’t stay for long so it was a quick encounter till it flew off but it was still very exciting to see.

My latest podcast interview on ‘The Casual Birder Podcast’ talking about my 20 years of Birding was released this week. It was great fun and like my previous interviews on the show I have been getting great feedback, if you want to listen to the podcast interview you can now listen to it by clicking on my Interviews page on my website.

I am writing this blog whilst on holiday in Benbecula in The Outer Hebrides. I have woken early to enjoy The Dawn Chorus the highlight was hearing a Cuckoo in the distance. I will go in more detail in the next blog until then have a great Spring.

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