April Blog

March went by very quickly and the weather has started to improve but also still cold, but I had a good month Birding and this is what happened in the month.

Month started on a sunny morning when I managed to take a photo of a Goldfinch on the feeder, this turned out to be one of my favourite photos I took in March.

March has brought some joy when Blue Tits have started taking a interest at the nestbox on the shed, they were going in & out a lot.

Later on that day I went on a walk and heard a familiar call, I looked up snd it was a Buzzard calling.

March brought some very exciting visitors to the garden. One morning whilst watching the birds at the feeders a male & female Siskin turned up at the feeder. They have turned up a few times which has always been a delight.

After a couple of quiet days I had Goldfinch, Great Spotted Woodpecker & Blue Tit back checking the nestbox.

I never took photos but they are on my YouTube channel, on separate occasions I creeped on a Siskin at the feeder and saw a Buzzard & two Buzzards which was very exciting. One morning I noticed The Blue Tits were back at the nestbox, they weren’t putting nesting material in but looked like they were having a clear out by taking stuff out so it’s looking very promising that they will nest in the box.

The Great Spotted Woodpecker turned up one morning and sat on the tree before heading to the coconut feeder.

The highlight of the month was that a Sparrowhawk turned up in the garden. It had spotted a bird at the hedge possibly a Dunnock. It flew around the hedge a few times or walk behind until it flew up a branch before or flew off empty handed.

It has been a great month and I’m looking forward heading back to my local patch at Cammo in March and then start visiting places I missed last year due to COVID and with restrictions easing it’s looking that things will start to get back to normal, until then Happy Easter.

1 thought on “April Blog

  1. Yes, Goldfinches always making mode happy when they are in the garden with their attractive voice. Taking a photo of them always provides a better feeling. Overall, Nice piece of bird photography. Among them, the Siskin twins are looking so gorgeous.


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