March Blog

Recently it’s beginning to feel like Spring is on its way. There’s been glorious sunshine with daffodils & snowdrops appearing. Winter hasn’t been too bad but it will be nice to spring into Spring. February was a busy month watching the birds in the garden and I even managed to see a new visitor to the garden.

At the beginning of the month The Great Spotted Woodpecker turned up at her favourite feeder, she returned the next day but didn’t fly to the feeder because a Squirrel was at the peanut feeder and it made her wary but she returned later on once the squirrel had left.

After the squirrel left, a Great Tit, Greenfinch, House Sparrow, Goldfinches & Blackcap turned up at the feeders.

A Robin turned up the next day on the fat balls. They love the fat balls in the garden.

In February we had heavy snow and at the start of it appearing I gave the birds a helping hand by scattering mealworms on the table but they didn’t last long when a greedy Jackdaw scoffed the lot.

The snow continued to snow heavily so the next few days I scattered seeds on top of the snow just to help the ground feeding birds a hand. The snow was beautiful especially at night.

After I scattered the seeds before breakfast The Blackcap turned up a few times at the coconut feeder. It was joined by a Goldfinch & Starling. The Blackcap turned up again a few days later.

After filling the feeders one morning I saw two birds sitting on the tree, so I looked through my telescope and saw two Redwings side by side. Normally I see one but seeing two was just as exciting, it has been a very successful Redwing winter.

Later on I had a new visitor to the feeder, a beautiful Siskin turned up. A Siskin had last turned up in my garden in January just as I finished my Big Garden Birdwatch sadly I couldn’t add it in.

On the 16th February I celebrated my 19th anniversary as a Birder. Normally I would be going to my first local patch The Botanics in town but due to COVID restrictions I couldn’t go so it was a 19th anniversary Garden Birdwatch and had a good hour Birdwatch. My results were 2 Blue Tit, 3 Goldfinch, 1 Siskin (yep it showed up again which made my day), 4 Magpie & 1 Greenfinch. I’m already getting excited for next year celebrating my 20th anniversary, it will be some celebration.

It was two weeks ago in my garden I spotted a Buzzard soaring up in the sky until it got chased off by Crows.

I did manage my first outing of the year down at Cramond Beach. It was lovely actually Birding somewhere out of my garden and nice to see different birds for a change. There were lots of Mallards, Gooseander, Shelduck, Black Headed Gulls and lots of waders including Redshank, Dunlin among others. Later on Greenfinches turned up at the feeder.

On Sunday The Great Spotted Woodpecker enjoyed the peanut feeder for a change and yesterday a Goldfinch turned up against the bright sun. February was a busy month and I’m looking forward to a Birding month of March, I’m hoping to return to my local patch until then have a nice Spring.

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