February Blog

We made it past January but sadly we are still in lockdown so we can only go out for exercise and supplies. The problem has been the month of January has had bad weather with snow, ice & rain so most of my Birding had been in the garden.

From the start of 2021 Edinburgh was covered in snow but it was a lovely day and whilst having breakfast, I noticed a bird perched on the tree next door so I had a look and it was a Redwing. I managed to get a photo before it flew off and it’s turned out to be one of my favourite photos.

After Breakfast I went out in the garden to fill up the feeders and also gave the ground feeding birds a helping hand by scattering seeds on the snow and believe me it worked a treat.

After I went inside a Robin was first on the scene followed by Woodpigeons & Stock Doves.

Usually by this time I would put Frosty The Christmas Feeder Snowman away for the year but the birds were really enjoying feeding from him so I decided to keep him up longer but he was eventually put away on the 11th January so while Goldfinches & Greenfinches enjoyed him I saw a Stock Dove below, Woodpigeon & a Blue Tit checking out the nestbox on the shed so keeping my fingers crossed they used it. I must point out I didn’t get any photos but two Great Tits came by one day checking out the camera nestbox, could it be the old Great Tit family coming back and checking out their old home? I would love it if they used it they haven’t used it since 2018.

The Stock Dove was back a few days later it was joined by Goldfinches & Blackbird.

Next day I watched a Robin sing on my neighbours tree.

And then I went to the shops to get The Herald Newspaper. Just before New Year I was approached on Twitter by journalist named Vicky Allan who was doing a article about good spots in Edinburgh to find Wildlife and asked me if I knew any. I wrote back telling her good spots and where to see Waxwings. The article came out on both newspaper and online and my quote on finding Waxwings in Balgreen was mentioned.

One sunny morning I saw two Greenfinches on the tree so I had to get a photo as they looked nice against the blue sky. I also set up my Camera Trail Camera I got for Christmas and managed to get great views. Videos are on my YouTube channel but here’s a photo.

One lunchtime I was looking out at the feeders when a very special visitor turned up. A male Blackcap came in enjoying a snack when a Goldfinch flew in joining it. Was so exciting having a Blackcap turn up it really made my day, it did fly off and come back a few times.

I saw another Redwing the next day on the same tree I have seen my other encounters with them. This was my last sighting of a Redwing in January I hope I see more before they leave around March & April.

The snow had returned again so I scattered more seeds on the snow and filled up the feeders including a new seed feeder I got from The RSPB, I had ordered a peanut feeder which came later on but the birds have enjoyed the new feeder.

A very special visitor turned up last week. A Heron flew by and landed on my neighbours shed, they have a pond and must have fish in it because the bird eventually flew down to their garden but it was a thrill to see. The Great Spotted Woodpecker also turned up for the first time this year, lovely to see her back.

On Saturday I took part in The RSPB’s Big Garden Birdwatch and had a great time . I started watching in the lounge and then decided to move into The Summerhouse. I got a good variety of birds including my usual Greenfinches & Goldfinches but also had Long Tailed Tits visiting which was amazing and although I didn’t see it a Siskin turned up but not during my Birdwatch I saw it on my trail camera. As soon as my hour was done The Heron was back on next doors chimney looking at their pond.

The Heron was back again on Sunday & Monday and I don’t think my neighbours have noticed that The Heron has been in their garden because I’ve never seen it fly out their garden.

It’s been a good month and although I haven’t been out Birding due to icy pavements it’s been a good month in the garden and hopefully I’ll get out in February and hopefully back at my local patch.

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