January Blog

Here we are in 2021 so I would like to wish you all a Happy New Year I hope you have a great year and it will get better. December was a good month though I didn’t go out Birding as much but I did a lot of Garden Birding.

I looked out the window one morning and noticed some House Sparrows at the fat ball feeder. I hadn’t seen House Sparrows for awhile so it was great to see them and enjoyed watching a Goldfinch too.

The next few days The House Sparrows returned along with Chaffinch it was a busy day at the feeders I’m happy to say the birds have enjoyed feeding out of Frosty The Christmas Feeder Snowman this year.

The birds turned up one morning when it was really wet even The Great Spotted Woodpecker turned up.

It was a lovely surprise to see a Starling at the feeder this morning I had a feeling this is the Starling I saw being fed by its parents during Spring & Summer.

I had great new visitors to the feeders and first for the garden too. First I was surprised to see a Blackcap at the feeder. This was my second time seeing a Blackcap, one visited a couple of years ago so it was amazing that one turned up a bird that I saw singing a lot in Cammo in Spring & Summer.

The next visitor to the garden was a female Bullfinch. I have seen Bullfinches perched on top of my neighbour’s tree but never at the feeders so this was very exciting. Talking of my neighbour’s tree after the Bullfinch flew off I saw a Redwing on the tree which was very exciting.

One morning I spotted a Greenfinch perched on the tree and looked great against the sun.

Just before Christmas I was just finishing my breakfast when something caught my eye it was a Redwing a great start to the day followed by Goldfinches the following day at the feeder. On Christmas Day I didn’t really look out at the birds but whilst I was opening presents I spotted a Robin singing on the hedge.

This week I had another visitor to the feeders. I mentioned earlier a female Bullfinch visited the garden, this time it was a male Bullfinch who was enjoying the seeds out of Frosty. He stuck around for a few minutes before flying off.

I spotted a Redwing on the tree 40 minutes after I watched the Bullfinch so that was a good start of the day.

The next morning Edinburgh was covered with snow. I’m afraid I’m not mad keen on snow after a bad accident a couple of years ago and since then I rarely step out in snow unless I really have to but I love being indoors watching the snow it’s lovely to look at. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I spotted a Redwing I was not expecting to see one this turned out to be my fifth Redwing sighting on that tree this year. Later I watched a Goldfinch on that tree with the sun against it.

The next day I watched Greenfinches on Frosty and a new visitor turned up. It was a Siskin I have never seen one in the garden before so it was exciting sadly I couldn’t get a photo. A few Chaffinches, Blackbird & Woodpigeon were walking about on the snow.

Yesterday on Hogmanay (New Year’s Eve) as the sky darkened on 2020 my last birds of the year were a Woodpigeon & Magpie.

Today on New Year’s Day my first birds of the year were Goldfinch & Woodpigeon.

I’m looking forward to what January has to offer I’m looking forward taking part in The Big Garden Birdwatch, until then stay safe.

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