May Blog

April came & went very quickly and it was a really good month. I managed to go out to and see birds other then my garden visitors and here is what happened in the month of April.

On the first of the month The Great Spotted Woodpecker and Siskin were first on the feeders in the morning.

But the biggest surprise of all later that afternoon is that two Great Tits flew up to the camera nestbox and actually went inside to have a look. This was the first time since 2017 when Great Tits have been at the box, and throughout the month they flew to the box but they haven’t put any nesting material in yet but it will be lovely to see them nest in the box again.

Later that evening a Heron flew to my neighbours chimney.

The next few days the coconut feeder was being enjoyed by The Great Spotted Woodpecker & Starling.

April saw me return to my local patch Cammo Estate for the first time in a few months and really enjoyed my first day back despite the fact there were noisy people & dogs. I saw a lot of birds but the highlight that day was seeing a Song Thrush, Bullfinches & a Jay.

Later that afternoon I watched Greenfinch, Chaffinch, Siskin & Goldfinches at the feeders, it was a good day.

The next day a female Siskin turned up & The Great Spotted Woodpecker was at her favourite feeder.

The next day I had a walk around The Dundas Estate were my brother & sister in law got married. It’s such a beautiful place to walk about, I saw and heard a lot of Pheasants & on the pond there were a lot of Graylag Geese.

I returned to Cammo Nature Reserve the next day but sadly I couldn’t stay long as much as I wanted to because there were a lot of dogs charging about and barking which meant there were no birds to be seen but I did see a Robin sing & a Crow down at the canal.

The next couple of days were exciting at the feeders. First of The Great Spotted Woodpecker was at the peanut feeder for a change and she seemed to be enjoying it. The most exciting visitor that arrived at the feeder was a male Bullfinch and lastly a Siskin turned up.

It was a beautiful morning in Cammo and it was a much better day then it was last time I was there. The highlight was I heard my first Chiffchaff of the year and I enjoyed watching a Robin sing and a dangling Blue Tit.

Next day I had another visit to Dundas Estate were I saw Graylag & Canada Geese on the pond and when I got home, saw a Chaffinch & Goldfinch at the feeder.

Next few days I was watching a Siskin at the feeder, another trip at Dundas Estate watching Graylag & Canada Geese & a Male & Female Bullfinch at the feeder.

On Monday I had a nice surprise when I noticed a Starling was on the fat ball feeder. For some reason birds have not been using the fat ball feeder as I used to top it up a lot and now it’s been months since I put fat balls in so I hope the Starlings will enjoy the fatball feeder. I will end this blog that a Bullfinch was on my feeder on Wednesday which brightened up a dull wet day. I am looking forward to May because now restrictions have eased I’m pleased to say I’ll be going back on tour and visit places I haven’t been for ages. I’m really looking forward to that and ending the month with a trip to Skye so I can say next month’s blog is something you’ll not want to miss.

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