October Blog

Think this has been the fastest year ever, I know months end very quickly but I can’t believe we are in October already. September was a very exciting month and I spent most of it in The Outer Hebrides.

I had a fantastic time in The Outer Hebrides, it was great to be back in Benbecula and to be honest great to get away from COVID-19 news. On arrival at the usual house The Restful Nest at Nunton in Benbecula I was greeted by lots of Starlings on the field who became the regular birds I saw the most but I didn’t complain it was lovely to see the them.

The next day after a lovely morning walk on Culla Bay I watched some Lapwings in the field and more Starlings in the garden and this time got closer views of them.

Then it was just a relaxing day after but was happy watching the birds around the house. The following day I headed to North Uist and visited Berneray were I went to the famous seal viewing point you can’t guarantee to see seals but it’s always a very good chance you’ll see some and I did see some Seals.

The next day after yet another morning walk on Culla, the field outside the house was covered with Rock Doves, Lapwings and Starlings they almost filled the whole field.

Whilst in The Hebrides the Birds of Pray certainly didn’t disappoint, I think on most trips I saw one and the first glimpse of them was on Grimsay watching two Golden Eagles soaring.

Mostly when I’m on The Outer Hebrides as well as Lapwings I normally see a lot of Oystercatchers on the fields but unfortunately on this holiday I didn’t see a lot of them except one morning on Culla when I saw a couple of them on the beach with Sanderlings.

A trip to North Uist wouldn’t be complete without a visit to The RSPB’s Balranald Nature Reserve. On arrival sadly the little visitor centre was closed due to the coronavirus, It was a shame it was closed as it lists what birds have been sighted recently, but I did enjoy a great display of Starlings at the car park so it wasn’t that bad. Throughout the day I also saw two Golden Eagles, the first sighting was in the Sollas area and the second was on top of the St Kilda viewpoint so it wasn’t a bad day after all.

It had been years since I was last there but did manage a trip to Barra and couldn’t pick a better day for it. As well as stunning scenery I saw Cormorants, Starling, Gannets and of course The Golden Eagle. I think this was probably the best view on holiday, back on Benbecula I also saw a Short Eared Owl on the way home.

I thought I’d share with you some of the lovely scenery I saw on Barra too.

The next day I didn’t go Birding but it was a beautiful day and so here are some of the pictures I took on my last day in The Hebrides.

It was sad to leave Benbecula I had a fantastic two week holiday and I’m really looking forward going back in 2021 oh and I did see a Otter as well. I had a quiet week at home after my holiday but I had been looking out the window watching the garden birds. The Greenfinches & Goldfinches are still visiting the feeders and The Great Spotted Woodpecker has returned but been enjoying the peanut feeder as well as enjoying her favourite coconut treat.

This week I visited Figgate Park, it was my first time back since early March it was great to be back though at first I wasn’t sure I’d see much because when I arrived I didn’t see anything but it didn’t long for me to see something, I saw Heron, Mallards, Little Grebe, Mute Swans, Cygnets, Moorhens, Magpie & Great Spotted Woodpecker.

September was a brilliant month and I’m now looking forward to Autumn Birding in a new month and I can’t wait to see what I’ll see.

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