September Blog

I can’t believe we are in September already!! Despite what’s been happening 2020 is going in fast. August was the first time in a long time I have been Birding as normally I take the month off to enjoy The Edinburgh Festival but with COVID-19 there was no Festival so I was looking forward what birds were around in August.

One evening I had been sitting out in the garden and was about to go inside when I heard the screaming calls of The Swift. I looked up and there were lots of them flying above my head, I immediately took my phone and took a photo it was my first time I managed to get a shot of Swifts.

The next day I went to Cammo my local patch, it was a beautiful stunning sunny day and a perfect day to be out. I didn’t see many birds so instead I took part in The Big Butterfly Count as it was my last chance to take part as the survey was to end the next day. The results were 3 Small White, 2 Peacock, 1 Green Viened White & 1 Meadow Brown. It was lovely walking in the sunshine admiring the colours.

In August I had ran out of Coconut treats but I had noticed at the usual online shops I get my bird food from had Sold Out of them but I found a site that had them in stock but were a Cherry flavoured ones so thought I’d try them out. One morning I was watching The Stock Dove in the garden and noticed lots of Blue Tits were at the coconut so they must have been enjoying it.

On the 13th after 4 months I was back on Tour. I headed to Coldingham for the weekend and went to visit St Abbs Nature Reserve. It was great to be back on tour, the birds I saw were lots of Kittiwakes, Shags and Gannets.

Earlier in June or July I had ordered new feeders one for seeds and fatballs and they eventually came just before I left for Coldingham, they have been such a hit and attracted new visitors Goldfinches & Greenfinches. It’s been amazing to watch them.

Last week I even had Long Tailed Tits at the peanut & fatball feeders.

I have just recently had a weekend trip to Portree Isle Of Skye, it was great to be back though I didn’t get photos the birds I saw were Sea Eagle, Golden Eagle & Gannet.

I’m really looking forward to what September has to offer. I’m back on tour to The Outer Hebrides and I can’t wait to see the Hebridean bird life and the local wildlife, after that I’m continuing to tour around my local areas here’s to a great autumn we have ahead.

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