August Blog

July came & gone very quickly, and here is what happened in July.

I mentioned before I have had a new visitor to the garden The Stock Dove. Well he came back wondering about before flying off but then The Great Spotted Woodpecker turned up with her youngster for a feed.

Few days later they both returned but then the female left leaving the youngster to feed by itself. It was happy feeding away when a Starling came but The Woodpecker pecked it to go away. The Stock Dove also made a appearance.

July was a damp month so most days were wet days but I did venture out to Cammo after a day of rain. It was quiet bird wise but that has been the case in July with birds hiding growing new feathers after the breeding season. But it was nice to watch the raindrops and walk in the woodland and be amidst nature.

The next 2 days saw the return of the young Great Spotted Woodpecker this time without its Mum and yes The Stock Dove turned up.

After a few weeks The Female Great Spotted Woodpecker turned up, it was nice to see her.

It’s been amazing going to Cammo and noticing the changes that has been happening since I went at the start of lockdown, most plants have really grown.

Also that day it was still quiet but did see a Blackbird sing, and back at the pond one of the young Moorhen chicks who I’ve seen since they were small but are growing up fast.

Few days later The Great Spotted Woodpecker turned up and brightened up a dull day.

My next trip to Cammo I took part in The Big Butterfly Count from The Butterfly Conservation. I had downloaded the app and every time I saw a butterfly I added a record in whilst I was Birding. I did get a good amount of Butterflies they were 7 Green Veined White, 1 Small White, 1 Large White, 2 Red Admiral & 2 Meadow Brown. I didn’t take photos of the butterflies but it was good fun. Throughout that morning I admired some insects and snails, to finish up I saw a Buzzard.

After donating money to Creature Candy who designed a Puffin Print to help raise money to The Scottish Seabird Centre open its doors there was a chance The Centre may never open its doors so they needed all the help they could get. My Puffin Print arrived and it looks great. Throughout June & July I kept posting about it on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram as a thank you they sent me more little gifts and I’m pleased to tell you The Scottish Seabird Centre has opened its doors.

This week on Cammo was very exciting for me. On my arrival I heard a familiar call of The Yellowhammer a bird I haven’t yet to see but heard plenty this year though this call sounded very close so I decided to look for it. I walked really slowly and got near were the call was coming from and there it was. Sadly the sun wasn’t out so I couldn’t see the bright yellow but it was amazing to see it at long last. It was my highlight that morning as there wasn’t many birds around.

I mentioned earlier July has been quiet bird wise because they are away hiding growing new feathers, I had noticed The Great Spotted Woodpecker was looking very bare at the breast. I had noticed like most birds she wasn’t looking scruffy until I realised she too was losing feathers. She will look brand new in a few weeks time.

Yesterday was the hottest day of the month and the garden was full of birds. The Stock Dove appeared and had a sunbathe followed by Blue & Coal Tits & a Jackdaw.

Which brings us to August. Normally I take the month off from Birding to enjoy The Edinburgh Festival but the festival isn’t taking place for the first time in 73 due to the coronavirus so I will go Birding and look forward seeing what happens in August.

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