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I really can’t believe we are in July already since lockdown started in March and from then on every day, week and month pass very quickly and now we enter in the middle of the year. June was certainly a busy month and ended so quickly and here’s what happened.

One sunny morning I noticed some birds flying in and around the house, they were House Martin’s and they even would cling on the wall then fly off. The next day they returned and did the same thing and I was wondering if they were considering building a nest in the house. Maybe they will next year but it was exciting to watch them.

It was this month that my interview on Birdwatching Magazine was published and available in the shops. I get the magazine delivered to the door so I get it before it’s available in newsagents. I have been getting Birdwatching Magazine for years and it felt such a privilege to be actually have a whole page dedicated to me, and everyone loved my interview, I decided to get two copies one to have and the other to frame which I have done, it’s on my wall and it looks great.

This month I’ve had good days Birding at Cammo Estate. One morning I was hearing birds but didn’t really see much except a Chaffinch and the resident Heron up on the tree. But I was admiring the lovely flowers in between watching the birds but I did spot my first fungi of the year.

Later on that day Starlings were back in the garden and this time they were on top of the shed and the parent was having a busy time going to the coconut feeder to feed themselves as well as their young. It was a busy time for me too because the Starlings would eat a entire coconut within a day, I would put one up in the middle of the day and by tea time it was empty. I didn’t complain I just put another one out as I have said before I hardly get Starlings in the garden throughout the year and I’m happy to feed and watch them, it’s been interesting watching them feed their young.

We had a few days of dull days in June after a heatwave in May and eventually it did return on the day I went to my local patch. What I’ve loved by visiting my patch since I returned during the lockdown is the changes, everything has grown so fast from a tiny flower in March to big flowers they are now and that’s attracted a lot of butterflies and insects, I’ve enjoyed getting close up views of insects.

As I mentioned earlier I had Starlings in the garden and one day I was watching them all at my coconut feeder and the chicks have really been determined to eat by themselves now. I had to feel sorry for my Great Spotted Woodpecker as the Starlings had been hogging the coconut and there hasn’t been much food left for her and I think she’s been watching them because I noticed one day she was feeding and Starlings would appear and she would chase them off, if she chased off one another would have a feed but then she’d chase that Starling off. It was like watching a Tom & Jerry cartoon but she eventually managed to get a feed, sadly I couldn’t manage to get shots of her chasing the Starlings off but it was interesting to watch.

Back at Cammo I had a great day Birding on my arrival a Blackbird greeted me and then a Chaffinch sang his lungs out in the woods. It was a busy day with people so I managed to get away and get to listen to the birds. Back at the canal I got close up views of a Bee on a Foxglove and when I was in the field I saw some butterflies.

It was this month I had noticed birds going to the feeder I got at Christmas. I had put it on the side of the summerhouse and one day I noticed a House Sparrow feeding on the feeder but it flew off before I could take a picture, however it paid off when I eventually managed to get shots of a House Sparrows on the feeder. I hope noticed some days the feeder is squint so big birds have tried to feed at it but generally it’s been smaller birds I’ve seen at it.

Back at Cammo after watching a Chaffinch sing, I headed to the canal to have a look for The Heron it wasn’t there but I did see Moorhen with chicks which was lovely to see and quite a few chicks too.

At tea time just before I had my tea I noticed The Great Spotted Woodpecker was at the coconut but she had company, I saw two Woodpeckers was it the male? I immediately looked through my telescope. It wasn’t the male it was a young juvenile chick, I did actually think if I would see any of the woodpecker’s chicks last year I saw her feed two chicks but one was with her and it was lovely watching her feed her chick bits of the coconut she loves going to. There was no Starlings around think they had moved on because I haven’t seen any back at the garden since.

One morning just before I headed to Cammo I noticed a Pigeon in the garden. I thought maybe it was a Feral Pigeon it wasn’t, it was something much more exciting it was a Stock Dove. I can’t actually remember when I last saw a Stock Dove either in the field or in the garden. I continued to watch the bird before it eventually disappeared.

After that amazing encounter I headed back to Cammo. It was actually a very good morning Birding lots around including the Moorhen and her chicks, a few Goldfinches and two Buzzards.

Back home I saw a Swallow, well it’s tail above my window and baby Blue Tits at the feeders, sometimes I would get really close and they wouldn’t notice me until they finished eating.

The next day The Great Spotted Woodpecker was back and her chick was with her again. The chick was almost as big as its parent so I don’t think it be long before it goes looking for food by itself. The next day I heard a familiar call, I looked out the window and it was a Oystercatcher, since then I heard and saw more Oystercatchers flying past and even down at Cammo.

I wasn’t going to lie but my next visit to Cammo wasn’t a very good day Bird wise. It was quiet but I think it was mainly due to the fact there was lots of people and dogs about crashing and making a noise and I really couldn’t find a place that was peaceful. However it wasn’t all bad as I just watched The Moorhen chicks who seem to be growing up really fast, they look different every time I see them.

The next visit was so much better much more birdlife and today I saw the return of The Heron down at the canal who I haven’t seen since the beginning of June. I think the reason was there has been lots of families down at the canal tadpoling, it’s been lovely watching kids really engaging to nature. In the Walled Garden I got close encounters of Red Admiral Butterflies and back at the pond the Moorhen chicks were there and then The Heron flew up to its favourite tree, a great day.

Back home The Great Spotted Woodpecker was back with her chick feeding on the coconut and it looked like they were playing hide & seek.

Yesterday was a good day too, we’ve had a few wet days so I just stayed to the dry paths watching Robin and admiring butterflies and flowers. I can’t wait what July has to offer.

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  1. You would LOVE the variety of birds in Africa!


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