June Blog

The month of May was certainly a busy one so much happened that before we knew it the month ended and we are now in June.

I had lovely mornings Birding at Cammo Estate my local patch every Wednesday & Saturday, and they have all been successful mornings. At the beginning of the month it was a lovely morning though it was mainly bird song I listened to but you know what though I wasn’t watching them it was lovely to walk and stand and just be there listening to the birds.

On the 3rd May it was International Dawn Chorus Day and The RSPB were hosting a Dawn Chorus Morning online at 5am encouraging us to experience it so I thought I’d take part. However I woke up at 3.40am and filmed The Dawn Chorus from my window at 4.12am. I was hearing mainly Blackbirds & Robins but I’m glad I filmed it earlier because in my area around 5am it was rather quiet then but I’m glad I took part and you can still hear The Dawn & Dusk Chorus now it’s something worth listening to whilst in bed.

I was back at my local patch on a beautiful day. I have said this before I’m so lucky to have Cammo right on my doorstep and although it’s been busy with families & dog walkers I can easily find a area to myself and there’s so much stunning scenery from the entrance and on top of a hill.

The resident Heron was back on the pond. Nearly every visit The Heron is usually there or on top of a tree branch, but this Heron is normally a favourite to visitors because not just me I’ve seen visitors take photos and sometimes they don’t realise it’s above their heads.

While I was watching The Heron a Robin was singing behind me singing away before it flew off. I love walking through The Walled Garden it’s a area I just walk straight through to the other side but it also has another path which is lovely and it has lovely flowers to look at.

When I arrived home I had lots of wildlife and birds to watch including a Ladybird, Woodpigeon & my usual Great Spotted Woodpecker in the garden it was a great day.

On my next visit at Cammo I was walking through the field and noticed weird looking flies flying around, I had no idea what they were until I read that they were Hawthorn Flies or St Mark Flies. They are fascinating to watch they look like little fairies.

Back at the pond there was no sign of The Heron but I was admiring all the green at the top of the pond but then who would fly in ? Cammo’s Heron so I watched it fish before heading off.

When I was at home I saw my first Swift. I was in the garden and heard a familiar screech coming from the sky above me. I looked up and there was a Swift, The RSPB have urged us if we see Swifts download Swift Mapper and post your sightings so I posted my sighting there. I have also posted other Swift sightings on the 15th, 17th, 18th & 26th May but sadly haven’t managed to get a photo.

That evening we had a Rat visit visit the garden it was quite a sight nibbling through the bird food and he did return a few times but I didn’t want to encourage the rat to return so unfortunately I couldn’t feed the birds for a few weeks and the rat didn’t return and I haven’t seen it since.

The best thing of all the quietness at Cammo I can able to see more birds I wouldn’t be able to see if there were more people around and I did when I saw my first Blackcap of the year singing away.

We have had one weekend when the sun disappeared and rain and wind came in so instead of Birding on Saturday because rain and wind was forecast, I went on Friday instead it wasn’t the best of days understandably it was too windy so not many birds were about apart from The Heron & a Robin made a belief appearance.

The following week the nice warm sunshine returned and I was watching The Heron at the pond along with a Moorhen then The Heron flew up to the tree.

The birds in the garden have been keeping me busy by filling up the feeders and bird bath. Talking of the bird bath I have been enjoying watching The Starlings having a splash about.

Last week it was a glorious morning in Cammo it was lovely walking along the pond (No sign of The Heron today) but the place was full of bird song so I just walked very slowly taking it in and a Squirrel popped up above a tree to say hi.

This weekend was a busy one at Cammo when I arrived a Chaffinch greeted me with a lovely song. Lockdown restrictions had eased in Scotland so Cammo was a lot more busier with families having picnics and hanging out but with 2 metres apart so sadly it was rather noisy with them so I walked deeper into the wood watching a Blackbird sing and when I reached the pond I noticed The Heron was up on the tree, it was probably the best place for the bird because many families were watching the pond looking at tadpoles & insects but there was also dogs jumping in and splashing about. When I had a closer look there were Dragonflies & Damselflies flying about it was my first time seeing them so it was a great encounter.

On my way back a Buzzard was hoovering in the field. It’s been a busy month of May and I look forward what June has to offer.

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