May Blog

I hope you all are keeping well with all the latest Coronavirus pandemic and that you are staying at home and enjoying some exercise but remember to wash your hands as soon as you get home.

Quite hard to believe we are in May already, with all that’s going on it’s hard to keep track on what day is what but luckily for me I’ve got my Birding so that always gets me through the week.

At the beginning of April I had a morning walk down The River Almond, it was lovely listening to the birds but the birds I saw on the river were a male & female Gooseanders. On my way back I spotted the male swimming on his own.

Between heading out I’ve enjoyed watching the birds in the garden, I’ve especially enjoyed watching my Great Spotted Woodpecker arrive at her favourite coconut feeder and watching a Blackbird singing on the tree.

On Twitter one day I noticed there was a trend going on a lot of my followers were drawing birds and calling it Draw A Picture Of A Bird Day so I thought I’d have a go. I decided to draw a Puffin so I found a picture and copied and coloured it in, I was happy with the result and hopefully will get it framed and put it in the summerhouse.

One walk I tried was along the other side of The River Almond that eventually takes you out near the airport. It’s a beautiful walk that takes you through a woodland and I saw a Goldfinch up on the tree and down at the river looked a perfect spot to see Swallows but sadly there was no Swallows.

After not been for a few months due to works being carried on the park I decided to head to Cammo Estate my local patch. I love the new paths they made especially on the other side of the canal which you couldn’t before. Anyway it was a beautiful quiet morning watching and hearing so many birds but I enjoyed watching a Heron down at the pond but the highlight for me was seeing a Goldfinch which I’ve never seen at my patch and that was special, I go to my local patch every Wednesday & Saturday as a ritual so that keeps me going.

I mentioned earlier I’ve enjoyed watching the birds in the garden, it’s always at this time of year I get Starlings visiting. I never get Starlings in the garden throughout the year so when they do pay a visit it’s always a thrill to see them.

On another successful Birdwatch one morning in Cammo on a beautiful sunny day in the woods I saw Bullfinches a male and female, I have to say I have seen a lot more birds on Cammo then I have had before but because there’s not many people around I can listen and watch the birds in peace.

On a walk in Dalmany Estate one morning along the beach I was happy watching Shelducks, Buzzards & Pheasants.

Back again at my local patch I got really close to The Heron, he didn’t seem bothered about my presence.

The Great Spotted Woodpecker has been in the garden a lot more then she normally has before but she’s also taking a liking to the bird bath by having a drink in the bird bath.

One morning in Cammo I think I almost had the place to myself but noticed The Heron up on the tree and people walked past underneath unaware there was a Heron above them watching them.

I have seen Swallows they have arrived here in Edinburgh I’ve enjoyed hearing their calls and watch them fly over the house and one morning on my way to Cammo I was greeted by Swallows flying above me.

Back at Cammo I had a great time watching The Heron again, the bird has mainly been at the same spot every time I’ve been except on one visit I didn’t see it at all. I did see a Robin peering out in the bushes and a Buzzard over the field.

As you can tell I have had a busy April and I’m looking forward to what May has to offer, until then stay safe.

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