April Blog

It’s been a crazy time for us all with The Coronavirus outbreak but I’ll not go on about it too much. I am however are fit and well and I hope you’re following the guidelines by only going out if absolutely necessary i.e. exercise once a day and work if you need to but please stay at home and wash your hands.

Before the outbreak at the beginning of March I went to Musselburgh Lagoons, I hadn’t been for a long time due to the hides there had been vandalised. It was a beautiful day with quite a few people walking their dogs and with their kids. There wasn’t many birds on the lagoon so I went to the hides and it was quiet, I got all the hides to myself but did get amazing views of Oystercatchers, Shelducks,Curlews, Teals, Redshanks and many more even a Pheasant popped up in the bushes while I walked to the next hide.

On the 6th March my interview with Suzy Buttress host of The Casual Birder Podcast was available to listen. Like my first interview back in 2018 I got so many great feedback and was touched by everyone’s lovely comments. If you haven’t listened to the interview head to the new ‘Interviews’page on my website were I’ve listed both interviews for you to listen to.

I had a trip to Figgate Park it too was a lovely day but sadly it was rather quiet on the Pond but I did see Mute Swans, Gooseanders,Canada Geese, Tufted Ducks, Moorhens & Mallards. This turned out to be my last outing in March.

I think soon I’ll be getting new neighbour’s in the garden, a few times now I have seen Blue Tits checking out the nest box on the shed. They have been busy going in and out a few times but haven’t seen them put nesting material in but does look very promising. I have yet to see The Great Tits at the camera nest box but keeping my fingers crossed.

On one of my daily walking exercise in the Cammo area I saw a few Buzzards flying around and because there wasn’t many people around I managed to get some good shots.

I hope many of you by now have joined the new Facebook Group ‘The Self Isolating Bird Club’ which was set up by wildlife presenter Chris Packham. Not only it has its own Twitter page @SIBirdClub, every morning on their Twitter & Facebook Group they have live videos with guests which to me lifts my spirits every morning.

The RSPB have also been fantastic at this difficult time by setting up ‘Breakfast Birdwatch’ every weekday. From 8am-9am they want us to post what birds we have seen in the garden. I have taken part but my garden birds have been self Isolating too. Recently it’s been very quiet in the garden most mornings but I did see the odd Blue Tit, Magpie & Woodpigeon. I posted a picture on Twitter that I was taking part and a person from BBC’s Reporting Scotland got in touch asking if they could use the picture I agreed and it was shown on the news the following day talking about ‘Breakfast Birdwatch’.

Because of The Coronavirus I have cancelled my tours in April & May for the time being and see what lies ahead in June until then stay safe and remember wash your hands!!.

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