March Blog

What a great and busy month February was, it started with a return trip to Lagos in Portugal. It was a great holiday and saw amazing birds, last time I was there I saw White Storks and this time I saw them again on their nest sites and this time I got closer views.

I then saw White Egret along with a Curlew & Redshank at a nearby water feature.

During the week whilst walking along the marina I saw lots of Cormorants. I have seen lots of them before, but this was a lot more and quite a spectacular to see.

I also visited Portimao were I saw more White Storks and they were flying all over the place.

The highlight of the trip I finally saw my first ever Hoppoe, it’s a bird I have always wanted to see when I have been to Spain. When I was in Mallorca in 2012 I heard one calling but sadly I never saw it but seeing one in Lagos was fantastic. I watched it until it flew away, It was a great holiday.

February I celebrated my 18th Anniversary as a Birder and like I do every anniversary I go to my first local patch which was The Botanic Gardens in Edinburgh. It was a great morning watching Mallards, Coots, Mute Swans, Dunnock & Pigeons.

Although I had done my interview on The Casual Birder Podcast in January the host Suzy asked if I could do a mini interview talking about my trip to Lagos and my 18th anniversary. It will be added to my main interview coming soon. This week I went to North Berwick to visit The Scottish Seabird Centre. It was a good day but bit quiet bird wise but did see Pied Wagtails, Mute Swans, Redshanks & Oystercatchers. I hope you all have a great month.

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