February Blog

January was a fun but busy month. My Birding started quite late due to a few days of rain, but that wasn’t going to stop me I may not of gone out but there was plenty to see in the garden. I have mentioned in previous blogs I’ve seen a few Redwings I saw one on New Years Day and a few days later I saw another Redwing in the garden.

In November I was asked to be a returning guest on The Casual Birder Podcast, the interview was to take place in January. The interview took place on the 15th January, I had a great time and you’ll be able to hear it sometime later in February or March. The host Suzy Buttress promised it won’t be long to be a returning guest as it was 2018 when I was last on the show.

On Twitter I had noticed few of my followers had been spotting Waxwings around the Dalry area of course I had to look myself. When I arrived at the spot they had been spotted I did see them, though they were flying around the car park at a local supermarket so managed to get a snapshot of them before they disappeared. If that wasn’t enough there was a huge flock of Redwings on a berry tree too.

I hope you all took part in The Big Garden Birdwatch, I certainly did, I did mine in the summer house and got great views this was my Big Garden Birdwatch result 5 Dunnock, 6 Blue Tit, 4 Woodpigeon, 2 Magpie, 3 Robin & 2 Blackbird.

As you can see it’s been a busy month for me and February is going to be busy too, next week I’ll be traveling to Lagos Portugal and later this month I will be celebrating 18 years as a birder, I will tell you about it in the March blog.

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