January Blog

Here it is my first blog in 2020, a new year and new decade. I hope you all had a great Christmas I certainly did but also had amazing bird trips which included more sightings of Waxwings.

Thanks to followers on Twitter I heard that Waxwings had been spotted at Balgreen which is normally their favourite spot I couldn’t resist seeing them again since I had already been lucky to have seen them already which I mentioned in my last blogs. When I arrived I walked in the street they had been spotted and there they were but flew off to another tree at close range so I took a few pictures before they flew off.

One afternoon I was looking in the garden and noticed a bird on a tree and with the help of my telescope I revealed it was a Redwing my first of the winter season.

I attended another private preview event at The Scottish Seabird Centre in North Berwick. They had another refurbishment for their Discovery Centre, it looked really nice and was a lovely evening.

My last Birding outing of the year before having a break to enjoy Christmas was another sighting of yes more Waxwings this time in Princes Street Gardens. On arrival I walked about then I saw them on the high tree but then flew off they eventually arrived on a high tree wasn’t the best view of them but was still amazing to see them, this was more then I had seen them.

Yesterday while the sky was darkening my last bird of 2019 was a Female Blackbird.

Today my first birds of 2020 a new decade was a Bullfinch and a Redwing in fact there were a few Redwings in the tree.

I will start Birding again for the new year next week and I’ll tell you about it next month until then I’ll like to wish you a Happy New Year.

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