December Blog

Well here it is the last blog of 2019. I really can’t believe how fast this year has gone so much has happened it doesn’t seem that long I was writing my last blog of 2018 and now this year is almost over. I have had a amazing year Birding, visited nice places and had great bird encounters which I’m going to tell you right now as my highlights of 2019.


At the beginning of the year I visited Funchal in Madeira. It was a great place I would recommend it fantastic scenery and of course good birds. During the trip I went on a Bird tour organised by Wind Birds, the leader was very knowledgeable and we saw all kind of birds which made the trip extra special. The birds we saw on the trip were a Trocaz Pigeon,Blackcap,Firecrest,Chaffinch,Buzzard,Spectacled Warbler,Swift,Kestrel,Berthelot’s Pipit,Egret,Turnstone, Waxbill,Canary & Muscovy Ducks.


The month of February is my anniversary year, the month I started Birding. This year marked my 17th anniversary and I went to visit my first local patch The Botanic Gardens. I had a enjoyable day looking at birds but the bird I saw the most was everyone’s favourite garden bird The Robin, and I managed to get a real close up view of one singing away.


This month I enjoyed watching a Goldfinch & The Great Spotted Woodpecker in the garden.

I also went to Musselburgh Lagoons watching thousands of Oystercatchers, Teal, Curlews, Shelducks & Gulls. Sadly I didn’t really return to the Lagoons much because sadly the hides got vandalised but they have been restored.


Had a few things going on in April first was attending a special Preview Event at The Scottish Seabird Centre in North Berwick. It recently had a refurbishment on their Gift Shop & Cafe area. It looked very nice and they are refurbishing more for the new year.

I also had a enjoyable day in Figgate Park looking at a Gooseander.


I was back in The Outer Hebrides this month but first stopped and had a day on Portree Skye where I saw a Chaffinch at close range but my total highlight of the trip was whilst on The Outer Hebrides I went to The RSPB’s Balranald Nature Reserve. On arrival I noticed a few Twitchers focusing on something my thought was they are looking for The Corncrake and sure enough they were and we did see the bird, the day wasn’t very pleasant but it was worth it.


In this month I was in Spain going to Malaga but first we stopped off at San Lorenzo as I had been invited to a wedding as well as socialising I did see a Vulture and plenty of screaming Swifts.

Then headed on to Malaga which was fantastic because outside the apartment was a tree full of Monk Parakeets which I enjoyed watching in the morning and when I returned to the apartment to relax before heading out again, in the evening would see lots of Swifts.


July saw the return of a visitor. I noticed one day The Great Tit going in the box. She didn’t return to lay during the breeding season to lay eggs but she did return just to sleep in a few nights fingers crossed she will return next year to lay eggs.


After taking the month of August off Birding to enjoy The Edinburgh Festival I was eager to get back into it and I started with a trip to The River Esk. It was very busy with lots Graylag Geese that wasn’t until a Dog jumped into the water causing them all to fly away.


I was back at The River Esk I was meant to go to The Lagoons but when I noticed a lot of activity at The Esk I thought I’d go Birding there instead so I jumped off the bus and had a good day especially walking through Canada Geese.


November was a pretty good month starting with a trip To Blackford Pond, I was happy watching The Birds until the rain came but The Teal brighten up the day.

Recently on Twitter I noticed people had seen a Kingfisher at The Botanic Gardens so I had to go and I did see it, I mentioned more detail on my last blog.

I mentioned also in my last blog I saw Waxwings at Figgate Park but I have seen more at Craigleith Retail Park after hearing about more sightings on Twitter, not the place I would go Birding but I had to go and I saw them, It’s been a enjoyable month.

Well that has been my 2019 highlights as you can see it’s been pretty busy this year but it’s still not finished, I’m planning on Birding in December before Christmas and I will tell you about it in the new year. Thanks for all your support this year I will finish this blog and wishing you a Merry Christmas.

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