November Blog

It’s that time of year when everything changes. The clocks go back, the leaves change colour and fall to the ground and we say goodbye to our Summer visitors. I had a great month of October so much happened. It started with a trip to Argaty Red Kites in Doune Perthshire. I have visited the place a few years ago and really enjoyed it, it was after watching Secret Scotland with Susan Calman on Channel 5 who visited the place I thought it be nice to go. The forecast wasn’t looking good for that weekend so went on the Friday which was a lovely sunny day. On arrival the staff gave us a talk about Red Kites and then took us to a nearby field were they spread us out in different parts social distanced then one of the staff laid out scraps and it wasn’t long until lots of Red Kites filled the sky and field, it was a amazing display and I think I got better views when I was last there it was a great day .

On Monday I noticed The Great Spotted Woodpecker was not at her favourite feeder, instead she was enjoying the fat balls at the fat ball feeder.

Later that week I headed to The River Esk in Musselburgh and I was greeted with lots of Geese, Mallards, Gulls, Swans & Pigeons. The River was very busy and there were a few families showing their kids the Mallards so I moved away so I could not get disturbed but it was a good Birding day.

I decided to return back to my local patch Cammo Estate after not been for awhile after so many wet days so I decided to go after watching a Goldfinch at the feeder.

It was great to be back at Cammo unfortunately I didn’t see many birds but I had a great time admiring the autumn colours. I love autumn and for some reason it made me emotional to think I’ve been at my local patch throughout Spring & Summer and now Autumn. It made me realise how quickly 2020 is going in.

On the weekend of 17-18th October I took part in The Global Bird Weekend which was encouraging people to go Birding and count how many birds they see and post their results on eBird. On the first day I was back at Cammo again sadly it was quiet but I did see a singing Robin & a few Woodpigeons flying around and perched on the trees.

The next day I had a better day, I went to The River Almond Walkway to Cramond. Just as I left my house a flock of Pink Footed Geese flew over and I thought that’s a perfect start. Down at the River Almond and in Cramond I saw Heron, Mallards, Swans & lots of Gulls mainly Black Headed Gulls.

I don’t normally mention my work but I had to tell you I had a special visitor fly into my work place it was a Song Thrush. I tried to get it out but it wasn’t budging so I left the door and windows open so it could fly out when it wants to. The Song Thrush didn’t move for some time and by the time it was time for me to go it was still there. I had no choice but to lock up leaving the bird there overnight but I was told the bird was freed the next day.

In October there wasn’t many birds in the garden my feeders are still full but The Great Spotted Woodpecker had been coming to the feeders and still enjoying the fatballs as well as the coconut.

After watching the Woodpecker I went to St Margaret’s Loch in Holyrood, there were lots of Swans, Black Headed Gulls, Tufted Ducks, Mallards & Graylag Geese.

I had been reading in social media that Otters had been spotted at Dunsapie Loch not far were I was and having not seen any of the Otters in Edinburgh even though I had been to some of the hot spots I have unfortunately not seen them so I thought I’d go and have a look. I was expecting to be disappointed but I thought I’d have a look, on arrival there were a lot of people standing and when I got there I had a look and there were the Otters. There were two of them and they were putting on quite a show diving and splashing about having fun and giving everyone else & I watching them a smile on our faces.

October was drawing to a close and still not seen many birds in the garden but I saw another Goldfinch and the Great Spotted Woodpecker at the feeders.

Last Sunday I had another walk in Cammo admiring the beautiful colours I will miss it when Autumn ends and all the lovely colours disappear.

This week in the garden I had a nice surprise seeing House Sparrows at the feeders. I haven’t seen House Sparrows for awhile not even in the garden so it was lovely to see them.

Which brings us to November, I can’t believe we are in November already and I’m looking forward to seeing what I see this month, keeping my fingers crossed I see my first Redwing of the year, I’ll tell you about it next month which will also be in my 2020 highlights blog until then stay safe.

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