October Blog

It’s beginning to get back to that time of year again when the clocks go back and the days are darkening very early so it’s the perfect time to get out there not only to enjoy the different colours of leaves but see wintering birds and different types of wildlife.

Hard to believe that the month of October is coming to a end and we will have only two months before the year 2019 comes to a end. Earlier this month I went to North Berwick to visit The Scottish Seabird Centre and see the birds of the area. This was the first time I started wearing my Autumn/Winter jacket and my woolly hat with my logo on, it had started to get chilly but that day wasn’t too bad but it was better to be safe then sorry. On my arrival I looked at The Bass Rock to see if The Gannets were still there, they were but it won’t be long till they leave and head to Africa for the winter. I then headed to North Berwick harbour normally I see Turnstones at the rocks & Eider Ducks out at sea. Sadly they were not on show but there were Black Headed Gulls, Starlings and a lot of Pied Wagtails around. After I had been inside the Centre I watched a few Pied Wagtails around the Cafe area it was a good day.

Usually in Spring you would often hear people say that the first sign of Spring is seeing the first Swallow, for me the first sign of Autumn isn’t the change of leaves falling and changing into amazing colours it is the sound and sight of Geese calling and flying in their classic V shape. I have only seen it twice so far over my house, the first time I heard and saw it I sadly didn’t manage to get a photo or video but second time round I managed to get a photo hopefully soon I’ll manage to get a video.

On the 17th of October The RSPB held a ‘Make Nature Sing’ Day were you could hear bird songs in work places, Cafes, Restaurants & stations. I took part in it too I had bought the CD a few months back so I played it and filmed it whilst looking out my window you can see the video on my YouTube channel.

I have just come back from a few days in Belfast Ireland, it has been a few years since I was last there so I was really looking forward to it. Mainly the birds I saw were Black Headed Gulls but I did see Hooded Crows and even a Cormorant. I went up north for the day and visited The Dark Hedges as seen on Game Of Thrones & other locations including The Giants Causeway. I took my Binoculars just incase but sadly didn’t see much but the scenery and landscape were amazing.

As you can see it’s been a busy month and I have some Birding trips planned before October ends but I will tell you about that in the next blog.

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