September Blog

Firstly, I would like to apologise for the delay of my blog but now I have returned to Birding after taking the month of August off to enjoy The Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

My first outing for the new season was The River Esk in Musselburgh on arrival was full of Canada Geese, Graylag Geese & different type of Gulls. All was going well with the birding but then a dog walker arrived and the dog jumped into the water causing all the birds to fly away, though I did managed to get a great snapshot of the birds flying to the different side of The River.

So I then walked to the other side of the Loch to watch the other birds, there was a Lot of Gulls mainly Black Headed Gulls but there was also Mallards & Gooseander.

During a walk on a beautiful sunny day I came across a singing Robin unfortunately I couldn’t film the bird singing because a car drove past startling it so I took a photo of it.

A few yards I heard a Buzzard calling and looked up and saw The Buzzard which I filmed which you can see on my YouTube channel.

One weekend I decided to watch the birds in the garden, it was full of life since I started using niger seeds on the feeders. After watching a Jackdaw I watched a couple of Blue Tits, Great Tits & a Robin.

Last week I went to Figgate Park, normally I have a good time but for some reason the whole pond was empty. I have never seen it so quiet before but there were Moorhens, Swans & Mallards but not a great amount of birds.

This is just a quick blog but got more trips planned in October including a trip to Ireland which I’m really looking forward to, until then enjoy the start of Autumn.

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