August Blog

At the beginning of July I went to visit The Scottish Seabird Centre in North Berwick. On arrival I was greeted by Oor Wullie, for those who don’t know he is a comic book character that appears alongside The Broons but has his own annuals. Throughout Scotland there have been different type of Wullie’s and the one outside The Scottish Seabird Centre was my favourite design.

I had a good time in North Berwick it was a hot day so it was very busy, I didn’t see too many birds apart from The Gannets at Bass Rock and a couple of Herons.

It was during this month I had a welcome visitor to my garden, one evening I don’t know why I decided to look at The Camera Nestbox camera on tv and I couldn’t believe my eyes The Great Tit had returned and was fast asleep. She hadn’t come to the box to build a nest and lay eggs this year but she had decided to use it to sleep in and she has been coming back a few nights (not always) to sleep in the box….fingers crossed she will build a nest next year in the box.

One morning I noticed lots of birds everywhere in the garden and noticed a lot of activity at the coconut feeder so decided to have a Garden Birdwatch. There were lots of Starlings, Blue Tits & Great Tits at the feeder I managed to get a few photos.

July has been really hot and had a few days of showers so I haven’t really been out Birding apart from watching birds in the garden but look forward going out again in September for the start of the Autumn season. My next blog will be published slightly later in September until then have a great August.

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