July Blog

Last month just flew in very fast, I spent most of it in Spain which is what this blog will be all about.

On the day before I headed to Spain early in the morning I noticed something new I haven’t seen in the garden before. It was The Male & Female Great Spotted Woodpecker feeding their chick right next to their favourite feeder it was a incredible to see that before I left.

I went to three different parts of Spain the first was in San Lorenzo for a few days as was attending a wedding, then have a day in Madrid before having a week in Malaga. Had a nice time in San Lorenzo though was mainly with wedding guests and family friends I did get to see birds they were mainly Sparrows and lots of Swifts but did see a Vulture as well.

After a nice few days in San Lorenzo it was time to move to the next place Madrid, though I didn’t really see too many birds I still enjoyed Madrid. The next day we travelled first class by train to Malaga and by the time we reached I could hear Parakeets calling from the tree right across from the balcony I knew I would be very happy, they were Monk Parakeets and spent many early mornings and evenings watching them and they did not wake me up in the mornings.

It wasn’t just Monk Parakeets I saw in Malaga I saw more Sparrows & Swifts but unlike the Swifts in San Lorenzo were you saw them all day, in Malaga you only saw them very early in the morning and evenings. One evening I took this picture of them all over the square.

The week went in so fast on my last day I had my last encounter with The Monk Parakeets which I said earlier I enjoyed watching every day. By the time we came home it felt like I hadn’t been home for ages.

Last week I went Birding at Lochend Park and saw lots of Black Backed Gulls,Mallards,Coots,Moorhens & Graylag Geese it was a beautiful day for Birding.

I will finish off to say yesterday I finished my Great Scottish Walk and raised £160 for The Scottish Seabird Centre, can’t believe we are in July I hope you’re having a good summer and enjoy this lovely weather we are having.

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