March Blog

Well many of you will know we are experiencing extreme bad snow weather known as ‘The Beast From The East’. I was due to go Birding this weekend to Inverleith Pond but I made the safe decision to postpone it and rearranged it for next month, with all the bad snow around I hope you remember to top up your feeders for your garden birds as they will really need it in this weather, I do hope it goes soon so I can go Birding next week but looking outside it does look nice to look at but I urge you all to stay safe.

At the beginning of February I returned to my local patch Cammo for the first time this year, it was a beautiful sunny day it felt like Spring but it was still cold. But the snowdrops were out and the birds were singing though many were still hiding though I did see a few Woodpigeons, Blackbirds & Jackdaws. I think the highlight was to hear a Great Spotted Woodpecker up in the trees I did stop to look up to see if I could see it but sadly I didn’t hear it but it was a lovely day.

February is a special month for me because it’s the month I started Birding, this year marked my 16th anniversary and to celebrate I decided to do a ’16th Anniversary Tour’. I started the tour by visiting The Scottish Seabird Centre in North Berwick since I’ve been going there from the start, it was a bitterly cold day but still a beautiful day. Sadly I didn’t see many birds apart from a few Gulls,Oystercatchers & Redshanks.

The second part of my tour I visited Musselburgh Lagoons but it was the same as North Berwick bitterly cold but a nice day. I ventured into the part were there are bird hides, I went to one hide and the place was full of thousands of Oystercatchers, Gulls & Wigeons it was a amazing sight. The hides don’t have roofs so I didn’t stay too long but stayed long enough to see what was there it’s a great place.

Finally the last day of the tour came and it was the day of my 16th anniversary, I visited The Botanic Gardens because it was the place I visited on the 16th February 2002 when I started Birding and it became my first local patch. It was nice to revisit on my 16th Anniversary walking round the park looking at Robins, Mallards, Pigeons & Moorhens. There used to be a part in the Gardens were there was a little hut that over looked a small pond that used to be full of birds but sadly the pond has been empty for a few years but this year I noticed the hut had been demolished which was quite sad but I think it will get rebuilt. Anyway it was a great day at The Botanics and look forward coming back for my 17th anniversary next year.

This month I’m heading back to The Outer Hebrides which I’m looking forward to but at the meantime Stay Safe.

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