April Blog

Well I have to say March was a pretty good month, yes we had The Beast From The East but I saw a few wintering birds in my garden. With all the heavy snow we had I didn’t go out at all so instead I did some garden Birding. With the garden filled with heavy snow I gave the birds a helping hand whilst filling the feeders I scattered seeds on the ground and believe me it was worth it because I managed to attract lots of small birds feeding on the snow.

One day I was looking at the birds when I noticed this big bird suddenly appeared, it seemed to get aggressive with other birds I looked through my binoculars and noticed it was a Fieldfare. I have not seen this bird for ages so it was great to see it again. It was very hard to get a picture of it as kept walking all over the place but I eventually managed to get a picture very quickly.

I also managed to get a few close up shots of a Chaffinch while I was looking outside this one was my favourite.

Thankfully the snow eventually melted so I was looking forward to my next adventure which was a trip to Benbecula in The Outer Hebrides. As usual the weather was very kind to us ( I was with my family) with blue sky and sunshine. I did go to the usual places Eriskay and RSPB’s Balranald Nature Reserve that’s always one of my favourite places.

I think the highlight of the week was we went to Clachan Sands in North Uist and saw this bird of pray soaring above us after looking it up in the book it turned out to be a Marsh Harrier which is quite rare in The Hebrides. I contacted The Western Isles Wildlife & The Outer Hebrides Birds websites who put my sighting on their websites. I really recommend you visit their websites they are linked on my links page if you would like to check them out.

Another great sighting was spotting a Redwing in the garden which we were staying, it brightened up a dull wet day.

We had two dull wet days so I was happy watching Oystercatchers in the garden.

I really enjoyed my week in The Hebrides and look forward going back in September. Hope you all have a great April.

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