April Blog

This month’s blog I am writing from holiday in Inverness followed by a few days in Lossiemouth, my next blog I will tell you all about it. Here we are in April despite a lot of rain we’ve had in March I had a good month.

I had a brilliant morning at my local patch Cammo Estate Nature Reserve. The forecast that week forecast snow which we did get but very little and as this day was lovely and sunny I had to grab the opportunity to get out before the snow came. It was a good morning I saw lots of Robins that day including two Robins singing side by side. One was singing on one tree and the other was on the other tree next to it.

A few days later I was walking in town when a little bird caught my eye and I couldn’t believe what I was seeing a Grey Wagtail wondering about in Rose Street. I had noticed other people were watching it I think they were surprised you normally see that bird around rivers so to see it in the middle of a busy pavement was pretty special.

I had a good morning Birding down The River Almond and into Cramond . On The River Almond I spotted a couple of Mallards and on arriving into Cramond I spotted 4 Gooseanders two were male and the other two were female. I had a good day watching waders from Curlews, Redshank, Oystercatcher & Little Grebe.

Last week was my highlight of the month. I was back at my local patch Cammo and it was just the best Spring morning Birding. The birds were in top form singing away from Blue Tits, Robins, Blackbirds, Song Thrush & Long Tailed Tits. But the highlights of the day was not only did I hear it I also saw it my first Yellowhammer of the year and I heard my first Chiffchaff of the year so it was a brilliant moment.

I will finish this month’s blog with a special encounter that happened this week I was just about to have my tea when I noticed a bird flew onto the hedge, to my amazement it was a female Sparrowhawk . I am looking forward to what birds I see here on Inverness & Lossiemouth and I’m looking forward to what April has in store for me.

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