March Blog

It’s slowly starting to look like Spring here in Edinburgh. Snowdrops are slowly appearing in parks and gardens, days are looking brighter and birds are starting to get a bit active. I had good month in February was a bit quiet but it was a good month.

On a walk down The River Almond one morning I was looking at the river hoping to see a Kingfisher. There was no sign but I heard a bird calling and saw something fly onto a rock it was a Dipper, I have not seen a Dipper down at The River Almond for awhile so it was great to see one it stayed on the rock for a few minutes before flying down the River.

I enjoyed my walk through the woods as I headed towards Cramond I did see a Gooseander but it flew off before I could get a photo. As I entered into Silverknowes beach I walked up the field where cars were parked and I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw a Heron at close range. It didn’t seemed bothered by my presence so I just stood and watched it for a bit before I carried on with my walk and that was the highlight for me that day.

On my walks throughout the month I saw Geese flying over and every time I stopped and stared thinking this might be my last time seeing this until Autumn arrives but I did encounter two displays one in Cammo and the other in the Barnton Estate.

On the 16th February it was my 21st anniversary I’ve been Birding so I went back to my first local patch The Botanic Gardens in Edinburgh. I go here every anniversary the place has changed when I started Birding there but it’s still a great place to go. I did go mainly to see The Kingfisher that had recently been spotted there but sadly it was a no show this time but I had a great day Birding watching Mallards,Moorhens,Robins, Blackbirds & Dunnocks.

I’m happy to say Goldfinches are slowly returning back to my feeders as well as Greenfinches. This morning at breakfast I was watching lots of Greenfinches at the feeders, it’s great to finally see birds back at the feeders after weeks of seeing nothing but I hope by my next blog is out I will tell you what I’ve seen at the feeders until then have a great month.

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