October Blog

Here we are now in October, I can’t believe how quick 2022 is going I know I say it every year but it’s true. Now we entering the autumn months which I’ve now noticed have started to change mainly the leaves on the trees, I’m looking forward to the autumn/winter migrants arriving.

After my trip to Norway, my next trip was The Scottish Seabird Centre in North Berwick. It was my first time visiting after the pandemic and it was great to be back. It was rather gusty so the birds I saw on that day were Starlings, Herring Gulls, Turnstones & Redshanks.

I had a little break from Birding after hearing the death of her Majesty The Queen who sadly passed in Scotland and was laying in state in Edinburgh before heading back to London. After that I went back to Cammo Nature Reserve my local patch. It was great visiting my local patch but sadly didn’t see many birds but it gave me the opportunity to enjoy the changing of the season from fungi starting to appear and the whole place looking like autumn.

I was out for a walk in the Barnton Estate and was walking along a path in between The Royal Burgess & Cargilfield Golf Courses and couldn’t believe what I saw but two Deer. I stood still they watched me for a few moments but then ran off I was not expecting that and it’s something I wouldn’t of dreamed of seeing either so it was a great find.

This week on my actual birthday I saw my first sighting of Pink Footed Geese flying over, I had heard them a few weeks ago but it’s like seeing the first Swallow which I always say is the first of Spring, seeing the first Pink Footed Goose is the first of autumn to me.

I had not done it for awhile but did a hour Garden Birdwatch which was good fun spotting Goldfinch, Woodpigeon, Herring Gull, Feral Pigeon, Magpie & Crow.

I hope you all have a good autumn and look out for those wintering birds arriving.

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