May Blog

April has now come and gone and it was a busy & exciting month for me, it went in so fast I can now tell you what happened.

I attended a Private viewing of The Scottish Seabird Centre in North Berwick new refurbished look. It was a massive improvement and looked amazing, they plan to refurbish more later in the year in time for its 20th anniversary next year.

Sticking with The Scottish Seabird Centre I have told them I will raise money for them at The Great Scottish Walk in June, more details to come in a later blog.

A few weeks ago it was a beautiful sunny day so I decided to go Birding at Figgate Park. It was a great day looking at Black Backed & Herring Gulls, Mallards, Moorhens, Gooseanders, Canada Geese, Mute Swans & Chaffinch.

Also on the same day in the evening we were having a Barbecue and saw my first Swallow of the year and since then I have seen them flying around so Spring has now officially begun.

Just a quick non Birding story last weekend I saw my first Ladybird in the garden so had to take a photo of it.

Last week I went to Blackford Pond it was a great day but also bit quiet, it didn’t help when a Dog was charging around scaring the birds away but birds I did see were Black Backed Gulls, Tufted Ducks, Mallards, Moorhens, Woodpigeon & Blackbird.

This week I’m away back to The Outer Hebrides for a weeks holiday, I’m looking forward to that and I’ll tell you all about it soon.

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