November Blog

Can you believe we are in November already? The clocks have turned back, the skies are getting darker and the days are getting colder. But one thing for sure is that wintering birds have arrived, I haven’t seen any yet but hoping I will soon.

Couple of weeks ago I was looking at the birds in the garden when my usual visitor The Great Spotted Woodpecker arrived at her favourite feeder, I decided to film her and photograph her because I hadn’t done so for awhile. She is always pecking away at the coconut feeder that she stays awhile she’s not like other birds that will peck for a few minutes then fly off, she would probably be at the feeder probably five minutes maybe less before flying off so I can always get the best shot of her whilst she is feeding away. As I mentioned on The Casual Birder Podcast she does brightens up my day and is and always will be my favourite garden bird visitor.

I recently went Birding down The River Almond Walkway looking for birds. Normally I’d do the whole walk heading through to Cramond but decided to walk to the stairs and back and walk under the bridge. The only bird I saw that day was a Grey Heron stalking next to a waterfall .

Because there wasn’t many birds around I was happy walking through the woods, because it was a glorious sunny day I was able to take amazing photos I especially liked this photo whilst walking through the woods.

I have been quite busy at work recently with functions taking place on my way home I saw a flock of Geese flying above me doing the classic v shape.

This was a special moment when I was locking up I noticed a animal I haven’t seen for a long time it was a Fox I managed to get a photo of it and it didn’t run away when it saw me it just carried on with its business.

I was in London last weekend so unfortunately I didn’t have time to go Birding but had a lovely weekend there. Yesterday I went to The Scottish Seabird Centre in North Berwick and had a great time there. I only saw Pied Wagtail,Herring Gulls & Starlings flying around I was unsuccessful seeing Eider Ducks and Turnstones but in the centre I saw Grey Seals on the camera and after I had enough I visited The Puffin Bistro for a little refreshment as I had a while till my train arrived. My next blog will be a 2018 highlights blog you will not want to miss that.

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