October Blog

It has been a exciting few weeks since my last blog and I can’t wait to tell you all about it.

It all started the day after my Birthday for whatever reason I decided to look at my camera nestbox I knew it will be empty but I was wrong I switched it on and you’ll never guess what I saw, it was The Great Tit she was back and sound asleep. I know birds occasionally come back to nestboxes to roost but I wasn’t expecting to see my Great Tit back after she had a bad breeding season when all the chicks died sadly so seeing her back in the box made me realise she hasn’t abandoned the box so I do have hope she will return next spring nest building and hopefully have a successful year. After seeing her sleep that night I did check the box a few times at night incase she did return, she didn’t but did see her one morning having a tidy around before flying off.

I have mentioned in previous blogs I really love this time of year not only we see the return of wintering birds but the glorious colours of leaves I can’t help but take photos of it all Autumn makes pictures really breathtaking. That’s exactly what I was doing recently at my local patch Birding sadly I didn’t see many birds around but I was admiring all the different colours of leaves so managed to take photos. The biggest highlight that day I was walking and noticed this brown creature pop up, at first it might have been a squirrel I looked through my Binoculars it wasn’t a squirrel it was a Stoat my first ever Stoat I have never seen one before I stood still but sadly it disappeared so unfortunately I didn’t manage to take a photo but who knows I may see it again you can’t always guarantee with wildlife it’s always luck.

This week my interview on The Casual Birder Podcast with Suzy Buttress came out and I was overwhelmed with all the nice responses I got from family, friends & followers it really made me happy. The words I heard from a lot of folk were ‘you’re a natural ‘ with the success of this podcast it’s been getting a lot of hits on YouTube if you want to listen to the interview it is Episode 48 head to The Casual Birder Podcast website the address is on my links page or search for The Casual Birder Podcast’s Channel on YouTube.

We have had a few wet and windy days so unfortunately I have had to cancel most of my Birding days so I have been Garden Birding instead and last week I spotted a young Goldfinch on the feeder which was exciting.

I’m off to London at the end of the month so look forward looking at London Birds there. Until next time enjoy those Autumn colours.

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