January Blog

First I would like to wish you all a Happy New Year for 2018. I hope you had a lovely Christmas, I know I did but also seen some visitors in the garden . I had a Song Thrush & a couple of Scandinavian Blackbirds they were everywhere, The Song Thrush was just a one off. I’ve also seen a few Bullfinches up on the tree brightening up a dull day which we have had a few days.

On the 21st December I heard it was the first National Robin Day about looking after small birds you can hear more about them by looking up their website http://www.nationalrobinday.co.uk. To show my support I posted a video of a Robin I filmed earlier in the year on Twitter and I received so many retweets & likes and my video got so many views which is more then most videos I post on Twitter so I thank everyone who viewed, liked & retweeted my video.

We recently had snow just after Christmas it started snowing on Christmas Day night and there were lots of birds in the garden looking for food, the birds really enjoyed feeding out of their Christmas feeder I gave them in 2014 it’s been a hit with them ever since.

Now we are in January I’m going back out Birding this weekend after taking a few weeks off but I’ve enjoyed Birding in the garden. This month I’m going away to Lanzarote so looking forward to that and get away from the January Blues. Don’t forget to take part in The RSPB’s Big Garden Birdwatch starting on 27th-29th January, it’s great fun to be involved with. Sorry this blog is a bit short but next blog I’ll tell you what I got up to in January until then Happy New Year again.

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