November Blog

October was a quick and busy month for me. It really started at the beginning of the month when I was coming home from work I heard the sound I enjoy hearing every Autumn, the sound of Geese flying in the sky I looked up and there were a flock of Geese.

Now I must confess when I see Geese flying in the sky I have no idea what type they are, they either could be Graylag or Pink footed but hearing and seeing them is a great spectacle to watch and witness. I went Birding in Musselburgh’s River Esk it’s a great place to watch birds, there were Geese (mainly Canada & Graylag), Black Headed Gulls, Gooseanders, Swans & Mallards. The main reason I went here was I heard on Twitter a Mandarin Duck had been spotted there. After seeing one for the first time last year I wanted to see one again. I walked and scanned looking but unfortunately I was unsuccessful, I had originally planned to carry on to Musselburgh Lagoons but I was happy where I was at The River Esk looking at all the birds even if I didn’t see The Mandarin Duck, it’s one of my favourite places to go in Musselburgh but I’ll head to the Lagoons another time.

I did abit of Garden Birding in October too one day after filling up the feeders I decided to stay in and look outside. There’s nothing more but excitement looking out the window, you never know what might turn up. I was looking at Woodpigeon’s and Blue Tit’s but then I heard a familiar call, I looked up and on top of my neighbour’s tree was my favourite garden visitor The Great Spotted Woodpecker. It’s usually the female that drops by I very rarely get a male but he pops in now and then but not this time. She was calling away on the tree and then flew down to her favourite feeder the Cocunut feeder I have in the garden.

As the month was nearing the end, one day I decided to go Birding with my telescope. It has been a long time since I have taken it with me I normally leave it at home looking at the birds at the feeders but on this occasion I decided to take it with me to Cramond as it’s a great place to look at Waders. On my arrival I was getting worried thinking what if the tide was out but lucky it wasn’t. I found a spot and set up my telescope and there I got fantastic views of Waders. Unfortunately the tide was coming in so maybe after 10 -15 minutes of great views the birds moved on.

Lastly the other day I went to my local patch this time it was in full bloom of Autumn colours. I didn’t see much birds apart from a few species but I was admiring and taking pictures including this tree next to the pond it was one of my favourite pictures I took that day. 

I can’t believe my next blog in December will be my last one of 2017 until then I have a few places to go Birding this November. 

1 thought on “November Blog

  1. Great blog…so lucky to have woodpeckers in the garden x


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