October Blog

Welcome to my brand new blog of October I can’t believe we only have 2 months left of 2017 left but we are not here to talk about that, we are to hear what I’ve been up to. September was a busy month after taking August off to enjoy The Edinburgh Festival Fringe it was great to get back out there and see what’s out there. It started first to a trip to The Scottish Seabird Centre in North Berwick and on my arrival I was greeted by not by birds but Admiral Butterflies. They were on a plant outside the station and no one noticed them until I stopped taking pictures and filming them.

On arriving at The Centre sadly there wasn’t much birds around but I had a great time. I must point out The Scottish Seabird Centre as well as RSPB Scotland as hosting a second Dr Bryan Nelson Memorial Lecture again at Edinburgh University on the 25th I will be attending and if you want to go yourself you can get tickets via The Scottish Seabird Centre website at http://www.seabird.org. Two weeks ago I went back to my local patch and for the first time I didn’t see or hear a single bird so I decided to look at other Nature stuff e.g. Plants and notice the changing colours of leaves.

Last week I visited Blackford Pond Nature Reserve looking at the birds but the highlight of that day was watching rats running around the pond I had noticed heads peeking out so stayed still and watched them and manage to get pictures and videos.

I have a few trips lined up in October so stay tuned till the next blog. I hope you like the new layout of my brand new website.

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