January Blog

Here we are in a new year 2023 I hope you had a lovely Christmas and a great New Year’s Eve. This is going to be a short blog but I had a great December.

After seeing on Twitter Waxwings had been spotted at Balgreen so after the icy pavement’s we had was safer to walk on I got on a Tram to Balgreen to have a look. When I arrived I noticed a bunch of Twitchers hanging about so I knew I would be lucky. I did see a Waxwing only one but it was great to see it along with lots of Redwings, Fieldfares & Bullfinch.

On 21st December it was National Robin Day I took part in my second National Robin Day Birdwatch which I started doing last year. It’s mainly a Garden Birdwatch and hoping a Robin will turn up and a Robin did turn up it was a great National Robin Birdwatch.

My last Birding outing of 2022 was at my local patch Cammo Estate Nature Reserve. I saw lots of birds including Blue Tit, Crow, Robin & Blackbird. It was nice to be back but very muddy I’m looking forward to Spring and see the new boardwalk full of life.

On Hogmanay (New Year’s Eve) as the sky darkened my last bird of 2022 was a Herring Gull and my first bird of 2023 was a Woodpigeon.

I wish you all a Happy New Year I hope it’s a great year for us all . I’m looking forward started my 2023 Birding.

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