September Blog

Would you believe we have now entered the ‘Ber’ months starting of course in September. I’m looking forward getting back into Birding for Autumn & Winter but for now I’m enjoying watching the birds in summer, I do think The Swift’s have gone because I haven’t seen any since July but Swallows are still here. This is going to be a blog about what birds I saw in my garden during August as I took time off Birding to enjoy The Edinburgh Festival Fringe but it was great to still watch birds at the same time.

At the beginning of the month I watched two Greenfinches at the feeder followed by two Goldfinches a few days later.

Next week another Greenfinch was at the feeder. I did go to North Berwick but it wasn’t for Birding but to attend a gig at ‘Fringe By The Sea’. Before the gig I had a wonder around the harbour and saw a Gannet flying about. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a Gannet fly that close to the harbour in North Berwick before but it was great to see unfortunately I couldn’t get a photo but I am returning to North Berwick in September. Few days later at home I was watching TV but noticed two Woodpigeons on the wall and it was such a lovely setting so I quickly managed to get photo of the two of them on the wall.

It wasn’t just Greenfinches that turned up at the feeders a Bullfinch also turned up followed by a Greenfinch.

I did get get to see some Swallows in August during a visit to Craigie Farm. There were lots flying around so it gave me the opportunity to get a few pictures. I didn’t get to take anymore pictures for the last remaining weeks of August but there were lots of Greenfinches, Goldfinches & Bullfinches at the feeder even a Blue Tit turned up. It was great to see my feeders alive again with birds after a little quiet part of the summer which normally happens after the breeding season.

I hope you enjoyed my short blog, my next blog will be longer because I’ve got a lot of Birding outings planned until then have a great September.

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